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What We Do At GCRA


    We are real estate professionals all working together to make homeownership affordable, sustainable and attainable for our nation's homebuyers. We create opportunities and participate in affairs that support our organization's mission. 


     The local Greater Cincinnati branch of the NAREB is here to serve the people of the Greater Cincinnati area. We have four primary areas that we focus on when we work for you. Those areas are:


     *Access - We provide access to tools and programs to make sure that you get fair treatment in the buying and selling of your property. Equality in housing is one of our primary jobs. We help people who may have concerns regarding the details and fairness of their buying or selling home decisions.

     *Educating - One of our other jobs is to educate. We want to prepare you so that you're not at a loss or intimidated by those who may seek to buy your property for less than what it is worth.

     *Selling - We are here to help you sell your home. As a Realtist, our job is to sell your home for a fair price in accordance with the market value. We're here to assure you that you will be given equality in housing.

     *Buying - When buying your home, there's a lot of uncertaintity and that uncertaintity can cause stress and indecision. We make sure that the price between you and the seller is fair and not determined by what you look like. And, as always, the Greater Cincinnati Realtist Association makes sure that you're aware of the different programs available to homebuyers.



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